silent translator

Untitled-1Preoccupied with the subjekt communication and connection between people i propose an art projekt in public space in 2024 in austians city to make known the importance of capital of culture.It will be organized a workshop where a leadear is needed to coordonate the event.On the are apox. 15 m2 it will be need the followings: a box,a table with, post-in, pencils, paper, a board, end lots of positive energy and willing to have fun.Visitors are invited to express their love and importance of cultural capital, by letting a note with a message about capital of culture in the box.Those who wish to join the game must take a post-in and write the languages that they know on it, and stick it on the left arm.5

The leader will arrange the participant so that the persons next to eachother will share at last the same language family(ex.latin:spanish, romanian).When the persons are aware of the rules, to transmitt just one time the heard word and to be very silent, the game can start.The curator will pick a note from the box, check it, and tell it to a participant.
The participant has the posibility to translate the message in any of the languages written on the parntern arm.
The last participant will say the word out loud and the leader will write it on a post-it.
At the end all the post-in will be arrange in order on the board.(note from box->language participant 1->…->lg.part.5->last message).
With this playful way we can see the strong connection between languages and learn more about the capital of culture.posterThe project will last 1-3 day, and the boards will be presented after in expositions.