Sanna Somby

Sanna SombyMission Statement:

My name is Sanna Somby and Erasmus student from Sweden and study landscape architecture. I think this topic is very exciting both to discover a new city like St. Pölten and Vienna. It gets very new impression when coming to a new country. But I also hope to contribute much in both comparisons and perhaps other structures. How do we upload work, opinions, etc. in Sweden. Sweden was in and became the cultural city now in 2014 in Umeå. So I have some ideas from there. But culture for me is people who live there. It passionate about something and those interests they do with love. The love they feel it in their hearts, formed culture. Thus Heart = Culture



Benedikt Kremser (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien)
Madalina Pop (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien)Juan Castillejo (FH Kärnten – Architektur)



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