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Mu BoMission Statement:

If you were born in big cities in China,you have some privileges with birth, such as better insurance, more opportunities to good universities—. Thus inside or outside the city as an administrative region is a strict distinction. In Austria, it exists in different forms.   One of my friends in Vienna, works in Linz, and his car is registered in Linz,.So he pays quite high parking fees in Vienna 2-3 days per week for being at home. The waste he produced in Linz or on the way home is in principle not allowed to bring to Vienna to deal with, even if the goods are bought in Vienna. I live in Vienna now with a yearly transportation ticket. If i go to the airport or regions close to Vienna by public transportation, need to pay extra attention and money for the journey out of Vienna region. A short journey was divided into two sections because of different regions. The problem is that people don’t clearly know where the separating point  is ,unless you are a map expert. City as region itself is a contradiction, it is designed in order to better organization of life, but in some degree bring a lot of inconvenience as well. How could people react ? This is my point of interest.



Impulse Strategy
Simon Übleis-Lang (Technische Universität Wien – Architektur)
Verena Wohlmacher (Technische Universität Wien – Architektur)
Mathäus Steurer (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien)




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