Katharina Stara

Katharina Stara

Mission Statement:

I am currently studying the Landscape Architecture at BOKU in Vienna and in my opinion the Capital of Culture is really nice project that allows us to deal with the challenging problems such as globalization, rural exodus, migration and anonymity. These are not only the Austrian problems, some creative ideas can inspire the whole Europe. The cultural questions bring a lot of interesting issues for the everyday life. I would like to focus on the topic City as a Region and work on a project which connects the city with the rural areas. The main goal is to bring a tradition and the nature into the city life and more cultural activities into the villages. I think there is a lack of social interactions in some villages and isolated rural areas and cultural events could enrich not only the life of villagers but also the life of the city-people. Let’s call it exchange of interests…

Kontakt: katerinastara@post.cz


Stadt finden
Dawit Kassaw (Technische  Universität Wien – Architektur)
Julia Rogner (Technische  Universität Wien – Architektur)
Rebeca Otero (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien)

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